There’s a lot of debate going around about whether or not it’s okay to be crapping on 76ers center-to-be Andrew Bynum. We’re calling him their “future” center because after being acquired from the Lakers in the offseason as part of the Dwight Howard deal, Drew has yet to play a single second for Philly.

While no one really likes to be mean (or worse, on the receiving end of jokes), we’re giving NBA fans some reasons why it’s completely cool to make fun of Bynum.

His Hair

What in the hell was this guy thinking when he stepped out of his house with a bowl like this on his head?Honestly, calling it a bowl is an insult to all those people who actually have a legit bowl cut!

We’re not sure what to call this hideous thing, other than to beg he learned from the pub and never decides to wear it like this again.


Your Thoughts?

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