The Chargers had the Ravens beat. Until they didn’t. San Diego led 13-10 and had Baltimore down to what may have been its last play. Not only was it fourth down with 1:59 left in the game, but the Ravens also needed 29 yards to get a first down. Impossible, right? Not if Ray Rice is on the field. From his own 37-yard line, Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco took the shotgun snap and dumped it off to Rice at the line of scrimmage. With plenty of room to run ahead of him, Rice sprinted down the right side and crossed midfield. With three Chargers defenders coming right at him, Rice switched directions and cut across the field making all three miss. Then, with the help of a block from Anquan Boldin, Rice was able to squeeze through two more Chargers and dive for the first down.

With that said, maybe the block of the year too by Anquan Boldin. Amazing play, great determination. You’ll be hearing the expression ’4th and 29′ for a couple weeks.


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