If you haven’t heard the news yet, Tampa Bay Rays stud third basemen Evan Longoria got hooked-up with a fat new $100 million extension that will keep the All-Star in a Rays uniform through 2023. And while we think that Longoria’s numbers are far worthy to get an extension like this, some other guys in sports may not have been.

Who? Well keep reading and see for yourself the four contracts in sports that will leave you scratching your head wondering how the hell some of these guys have gotten paid like they have.

Grady Sizemore – Indians, 2012

Sizemore may be a little bit underwhelming of a star to pop-up on this list, but after enduring serious injuries the past couple seasons, and playing in only 104 games over a three-year span, he had to be recognized.

As a former All-Star and Gold Glover, Sizemore was thought of as a cornerstone for the Tribe just a few years ago. But when the team resigned him to a $5 million contract before the 2012 season, it was clear they were just tossing cash his way.

The return on their investment? Zero games in 2012, and a total of almost $18.5 million over the past three years. For a small market team, that’s a major hit.


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