Sports announcers don’t have it easy. You have to be on point the entire time. I really don’t think I could do it. You also have to be entertaining, which most guys fail miserably at.

Today, we put together a nice little collection of announcer awesomeness and miscues. It highlights the aforementioned point of being entertaining and FAILING to be on point.

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5.) The High School Football Psychic Announcer

On one hand, you can say that the score was 54-0 what does this guy have to lose in making an out of left field prediction. On the other hand, this isn’t like a first down pass it’s a fumble recovery for a touchdown by a defense that seemingly couldn’t do sh$t all game. Nice call bro.

4.) Announcer Sings Eye of the Tiger

Love the blend of the goooooooooool! and singing the Paul Scholes version of ‘Eye of the Tiger’. Brilliant.


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