There’s a saying out there that goes, “history has a way of repeating itself,” and in sports in general, there’sprobablyno cliche that’s more appropriate.

From players often being compared to great athletes of past generations like Michael Jordan and Joe Montana, to team’s constantly being measured-up with the most memorable of all, who began dynasties and took over their sport, it’s an age oldadagefor fans and media to talk about.

With the Notre Dame football team clinching a spot in the national championship game with their win over Southern Cal this past weekend, as any sports fan does, we started thinking back to the annals of college football to see how this Irish team resembled some other college football teams.

As we watched them beat the Trojans, one very obvious comparison came to mind: The 2002 Ohio State Buckeyes (and we’re not the only ones).

Want to know why we thought this? Go ahead and read on to see for yourself the eerily similar teams.


After the dismissal of Charlie Weis in 2010, the Fighting Irish faithful all anticipated the hiring of recently “retired” Florida coach Urban Meyer returning to South Bend. But when Meyer spurned them for the broadcast boothbefore taking over in 2012 at, where else? Ohio Statefans were a little anxious and upset for “settling” for Cincinnati’s Brian Kelly.

Same thing happened with Tress during his hiring at OSU, when fans saw departed coach John Cooper get the ax, and they all wanted high-profile names to follow to Columbus.

We’d say it worked out well for Ohio State, and so far, the results have been the same for the Irish.


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