If you could hang out with Dennis Rodman, you would, right? Well for the low price of $59, you can attend the “Dennis Rodman Viewing Party Experience” on Dec. 1 in Chicago and watch the Bulls play the Sixers on TV. Now, this is quite a deal given the arbitrarily-assigned “$120 value.”

Here’s what you get:

  • Two drink tickets
  • The right to take part in a halftime Q&A with Rodman
  • Free coat check
  • The “opportunity” to take a picture with Rodman
  • Raffle ticket for a signed Rodman jersey
  • Entry into the Dennis Rodman costume contest

Yes, the costume contest. This might be worse than selling your championship ring. Honestly, I have no interest whatsoever in watching an NBA game with Dennis Rodman even if it is dirt cheap. As for the Q&A; simple – what’s it like banging Carmen Electra? Have a good night.. Looking at this picture, I wouldn’t want to be within ten feet of this dude.


Your Thoughts?

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