For the second time in five games, Los Angeles Lakers forward Pau Gasol watched the final minutes of the fourth quarter from the sidelines. Kobe Bryant says that Gasol has to take it into his own hands to change that. “Put your big-boy pants on,” Bryant said after the Lakers’ 113-103 loss to the Orlando Magic on Sunday that dropped the team’s record to just 8-9. “Just adjust. Just adjust. You can’t whine about it. You can’t complain about it.” Gasol was subbed out with 6:07 remaining in the fourth quarter and the Lakers up 84-83. Orlando outscored L.A. 30-19 the rest of the way. Gasol ended his night with 11 points of 4-for-11 shooting, seven rebounds, two assists and a block in 29 minutes.

Does anyone else get the impression that Kobe and Pau have an abusive relationship? Kobe is constantly calling out Gasol for something. One would have to think that Gasol has had just about enough of Kobe. I have no doubts that Kobe, MJ, and other greats may have been tough to play with at times, but Kobe just comes off as an ass.


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