Miguel Cabrera is a great baseball player, but we should also celebrate his many other accomplishments. Since Miggy loves to party, hes definitely not apologizing any time soon.

Take a look at some of the newly-crowned MVP’s greater momentsyes, even better than recording the first triple crown in baseball since 1967.

DUI Grand Slam

Its just another day for Miguel Cabrera at spring training, getting wasted and doing whatever he wants. Sounds like classic Miggy.However, this day turned different when Miguel was having car trouble; his engine was smoking.

A police officer stopped by to see if everything was ok, only to find out it was Miguel Cabrera! Drinking a bottle of scotch in the drivers seat! Cabrera managed to get out of his car and stumble into the street and start yelling Do you know who I am? before everything turned into Spanish and starting to resist arrest. Im not sure if those two things are related but we will definitely look into it.

As far as that Triple Crown goes? Celebrate bro. Celebrate harder than ever before.


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