After seeing RG3 star on Thanksgiving Day and Monday Night Football (last night), along with guys like Andrew Luck and Russell Wilson leading their team’s to playoff contention, there’s a ton of talk about who the best young player in the NFL isand we only listed three QB’s, and not any other positions!

With guys like Peyton Manning and Tom Brady getting older, we figured we should go ahead and pick the five guys we’d want on our team under age 25.

Why? Because there’s nothing more we we love doing than talking about sports. Especially when it’d be a fantasy of ours to get some of these guys on the Brownsyes, you read that correctly, we’re Browns fans.

So we did the impossible and picked just one player at each position, Lord was it tough.

Quarterback – Robert Griffin III

Do you like flash and dash? If so, you might like RG3 or Cam Newton.

If you like athleticism but a purer passer, you might want Luck or Wilson.

Classic drop back QB? Maybe Andy Dalton’s your guy.

Whoever you’d argue for, RG3′s our guy because of the way he carries himself. The confidence he shows on and off the field is just a little more than the equally-respectful and talented Luck, but he seems to have the charisma that can be the face any franchise would drool over.


Your Thoughts?

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