The 2012 Fantasy Football Playoffs are upon us. You’re either in, or you’re out. If you’re in, you most likely face a three-game journey to win the championship. It isn’t easy. It involves a lot of luck, but you still have a chance.

We’ve crunched the numbers here at Unathletic and have found five guys that are going to key runs to championships. Five guys that will single-handedly have the biggest impact on the fantasy playoffs…

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5.) Peyton Manning – QB – Denver Broncos

The minute you see Oakland on the schedule that’s an automatic ‘get on board sign’. Peyton Manning should have a field day on Thursday night, propelling you into the semifinals vs. Baltimore. Baltimore’s defense isn’t what it use to be, and I think Peyton finishes very strong with D. Thomas and co. Deploy at will.

4.) Julio Jones – WR – Atlanta Falcons

Julio always gets the nod over Roddy because his propensity for the gigantic play. You want to talk about fluffy schedule; Carolina, The Giants, and Detroit in the Championship. I could see Jones going HAM in the finally three especially vs. the Lions. (Health and rest because things are locked up could be an issue)


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