This time of year, everyone has a ton of holiday cheer, while looking forward to some much needed time with friends and family. While there’s plenty of anticipation and anxiety that comes along with all the holidays, most people suck it up and head to the malls and outlet stores to get their shopping done amongst the over-crowded stores.

As the winter holidays come, most people find themselves with extra days offmeaning a lot of time to drink and relax.

So we started wondering which of our favorite sporting events we’d most want to celebrate as national holidays. You know, the ones where we’d actually be awarded the day off to do nothing but veg out.

Since we love sports and being lazy while watching them, these are the ones we wished were recognized by everyone!

The Super Bowl

We’re guessing that you’re not shocked to see the biggest sporting event of the year listed as our top sport, but, for every single reason you hate either waking-up with a monster hangover the day after the game, or avoiding to drink on Super Bowl Sunday because you don’t want that hangy, this game should be recognized as a holiday.

It’s great to have some water cooler talk on Monday about the funny commercials and blown calls by the refs, but we’d much rather spend time sleeping in and recovering than dealing with damn coworkers.


Your Thoughts?

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