Before every single sporting event, instead of just walking into a game minutes before kickoff, we have a feeling you’ve been in the parking lot preparing yourself with other rowdy fans tailgating.

Everyone wants to be known as a grill master, but just one unfortunate misstepan overcooked batch of burgs, running out of beer, or worse, a fight amongst fansand your sh*t won’t be looked at as the place to be any longer.

Because we want you to have the best experience as possible, we’re giving you several things you shouldn’t even think twice about having at your tailgate. Here’s a hint: A beer you can see all the way through.

Light Beer

You’re at a damn sporting event, with other guys (and specifically girls) who shouldn’t give a damn about what they’re putting into their bodies today. That, specifically, means nothing that looks like apple juice.

You should come stacked with Bud heavy, Yuengling and Busch, and forget about all that other crap that has “Half the calories” because you’ll feel insecure when your bodies ask you to paint your chest and your stomach happens to hang out.

You’re a dude, get after it!


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