Dec 07 2012

Our Ultimate NBA Dream Team

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We’re in Atlanta this week, which means we’re lucky enough to stay with our man whore of a friend (just follow his live-tweeting of Match dates as evidence) who also happens to work for a big-time NBA media company who hooks him up with tickets all the time.

So of course, he tells me to get my ass down to Atlanta before last night’s nationally-televised game between the Hawks and Nuggets so we can enjoy some brews, talk about hot girls and try (and succeed) at getting onto the jumbotron multiple times.

In-between all this stupidity though comes a serious conversation about which current guys we’d choose to build our ultimate NBA team, keeping in mind the way they’d all mesh together.

There was a pretty good debate going back and forth about who and why we’d go one way or another, but in the end, here’s who we decided our starting-five would be.

Center – Anderson Varejao

Andy might not be a “true center”which apparently doesn’t exist in the NBA these daysbut he is a versatile, blue-collar player who defends and rebounds with the best in the league.

Hell, AV will even hit a couple shots every once in awhile.

Known for his leadership and humility, Varejao would be the perfect complement with the other great players who you’ll see make-up the rest of our squad, not demanding the ball, and knowing how to play with a superstar from his days with Bron Bron.


Your Thoughts?

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