Let’s get this out of the way right now: The SEC is the biggest, baddest conference in college football. There’s absolutely no debate. Winning the last six national championships, the conference tends to have the right to brag.

We liken it to the Jordan-led Bulls when they won six titles in the 90′s. Everyone knew they were tops in the league, yet people still doubted them or thought other teams were as elite. To this day, even the back-to-back titles the Rockets won in the middle of the decade aren’t respected because MJ wasn’t there. And that’s what college football could becomeAn MJ-less title game.

With Texas A&M’s move from the Big 12 to the SEC this year, the mega conference adopted a rowdy child who was ready (and willing) to make some noise.

A child with history, financial support and a fan base that cares about its winning tradition.

And while adding A&M into the mix wasn’t exactly like bringing in Oklahoma or Texas, College Station proved to have the players who are more than capable of being big enough and fast enough in which to compete in its first year, and showed the country that the gap between the SEC and other conferences may not be as big as everyone thinksas proof by this whole Johnny Football guy.

In the greatest games, the Alabama’s and LSU’s were (rightfully) hyped, but what about the Georgia’s, South Carolina’s and Arkansas’? A lot weighed on those team’s shoulders to prove that the conference was worthy of the recognition it always received, and though a loss to a team like A&M wasn’t crippling or completely unexpected, it was a major blow to see two or three teams with multiple losses after such high expectations.


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