As the saying goes, “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder,” but for some NBA players, what the hell is there to behold except for some serious ugliness?

Wearing a basketball uni, there’s not much left for players to hide, all but exposing every inch of skin besides their ball sack and bare ass.

So while in Atlanta last week, we had a serious (though inebriated) conversation with some buddies about the grossest players to ever don an NBA uniform.

And though there were some good nominees by everyone, we landed on these beauties… err, uglies.

These guys may have been able to make a couple shots for a living, but we’d happily go up against them in a one-on-one round of picking-up chicks.

Joakim Noah

Though the Bulls big-man hustles his ass off and often irritates the hell out of opposing players and fans, we’d out good money on him never scoring a cover of GQ or Esquire.

He displayed that he had some style during his draft day of 2007, but just because someone happens to be driving a Mercedes doesn’t mean that they can afford the payments.

With his long hair, f*cked-up teeth and overall look, Noah earns a spot on our list.


Your Thoughts?

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