As is typical this time of year, rumors are constantly being thrown around about what NFL coaches will be canned for a variety of reasons.

Whether it’s an underachieving team, a disastrous tenure, or because they’ve completely lost their team, we hear about how pretty much any coach from a team that doesn’t make the playoffs is somehow on the hot seat.

Depending on what and who you want to believe, these rumors may or may not be true, and regardless of what happens at the end of the season (if not before), we’re here to tell you about some of the guys we think should start packing their bags hoping for some otheropportunitynext year, and those that should go ahead and put some more pictures on their office walls.

Pat Shurmur, Browns

As a Browns fan, it’s a little odd to be in the position of actually defending a coach that started out 0-5, while just leading his team to its first road win in December, but that’s what we’re doing for Shurmur.

The team’s won three in a row, and has an extremely small chance of sneaking into the playoffs.

The team plays hard for Patty boy, so we say he stays, though new owner Jimmy Haslam will have the final call as he assembles a new front office and staff.


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