This is the United States of America. And this is a country of second chances. – Western Kentucky A.D. Todd Stewart

Bobby Petrinos second chance was when the Atlanta Falcons hired him from Louisville six months after he signed a 10-year contract, and not long after he interviewed for the Auburn coaching job while the Auburn coach was still there.

Bobby Petrinos third chance was when Arkansas rescued him from a 3-10 record with the Falcons, where he told his players he was gone by leaving goodbye notes in their lockers.

Bobby Petrinos fourth chance came on Monday, when Western Kentucky hired him in spite of [Hit this link to continue reading the article]

To be honest, I really don’t care. Do I think Petrino should get another chance? No. I think it’s absolutely fuggin ridiculous that the AD and Petrino are talking about the positive impact he has on young adults as a coach. What about the young adult he was banging? College coaches are a huge part of the problem these days. But who are we to complain, there are only a handful of respectable men as college coaches left these days anyway so it’s not like it matters.


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