Dec 13 2012

Athletes We Wish Made a Comeback

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In an unsurprising move, Michael Jordan was back on the court the other day, running with some of his young Bobcats.

Just because the 49-year-old Jordan just can’t seem to stay away from the hardwood, doesn’t mean we necessarily want him back out there. Sure, he accomplished a lot, often referred to as the best player ever, but does he really still have it? Probably not.

In regards to MJ trying to hold his own with the young guys, we thought about some of the real guys we’d want to see comeback and lace ‘em up. It won’t happen, but a sports fan can dream, can’t he?

Joe Namath

There’s plenty of current quarterbacks who are flashy and known as womanizers, but Broadway Joe was the first.

His guarantee in Super Bowl III will forever be his legacy, and even though he finished his career with more INTs than TD passes, he finds himself in Canton. Wonder if he banged some of the female voters to earn that type of praise…?


Your Thoughts?

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