With the NFL season only a couple weeks away from concluding its regular season, we find ourselves trying to separate the haves from the have-nots, as multiple teams find themselves in position to make a push to the playoffs.

As some teams still have work to do by controlling their own destiny, and other teams can only hope they get the necessary help to get in, it’ll be interesting to see which 12 teams end up making it.

And as is the case most years, we find ourselves pulling for some guys, while rooting against others.

Here are the team’s we don’t even want to see get a chance to hoist the Lombardi Trophy.

Minnesota Vikings

The Purple People Eaters may have the NFL’s best running back in Adrian Peterson after coming back from his miserable-looking knee injury last December, but besides him, who else would you want to see on that team?

Jared Allen’s cool and all, but as a D-end, he’s not really that entertaining.

It’d be great to see AD run-off big gainers to try and carry this team to a Super Bowl, but at some point they’ll probably have to pass the ball, which could become a problem with second-year QB Christian Ponder at the helm.

For their boring style of play and lucky breaks, we hope the Vikes are on their couches this postseason.


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