Christmas might be over, but you know what we as sports fans should be grateful for getting under the tree? Some of the biggest, fastest and strongest athletes known to man?

We should all marvel in how a guy built like a linebacker can run faster than most guys who are five inches shorter and 30 pounds lighter.

Or how someone who sustained a brutal knee injury just 11 months ago can comeback and absolutely dominate the league like he did when at full strength.

After watching the 30 for 30 documentary on Bo Jackson last week, it got us thinking about how a guy that big could be so fast and powerful at the same time.

Bo may have known back then, but who are the biggest freaks of nature in sports right now? The ones who defy biology and confuse scientists with how fast or strong they are? These are them.

LeBron James

For a guy built like a damn middle linebacker, Bron can certainly move. And though he doesn’t necessarily stroke it like his teammate Ray Allen can, he’s got the most lethal game on the hardwood.

With speed and vision that no 6’8″ guy should be able to have, he’s theepitome of what a freak of nature is.At only age 27 (okay, 28 in 3 days), we just wonder how much better he can actually get? It’s scary to even ponder.


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