Though it’s entertaining as hell to watch, we all have to remember that the NBA is an extremely unforgiving business.

With the news that the Brooklyn Jay-Z’s, ahem, Nets, fired their head coach Avery Johnson yesterday, most everyone was a little shocked around the leagueyes, even LeBron!

As Bron put it, one month he’s recognized as the best coach in the league, and then the next, he’s unemployed. So goes the life of an NBA coach.

With a long list of unemployed guys out thereand deep pockets thank to the team’s Russian billionaire ownerwho will the team decide to lead them next? They allegedly want Phil Jackson, but there’s five other guys they should pick up the phone and call as well.

Stan Van Gundy

He may have had some run-ins with Dwight Howard during his time in Orlando, but after seeing how much of a primadonna D12 turned out to be, it seems as if Stan Van’s forgiven for all of that fiasco.

The dude’s lead his team to a Finals appearance, and has balanced a bunch of different personalities on some of his team’s, so why not take a chance on him?

Known as a defensive coach, he’d at least help keep the team in the top-10 in defensive rankings!


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