The 2012 NFL Playoff picture is all set. We here at Unathletic have some mixed emotions about the upcoming playoff matchups. Overall, it was a pretty strong season. Will the playoffs live up to the strong season?

This New Years Eve morning we’re going to discuss five observations about the playoffs before they get started next weekend. A special adios to the New York Giants, Chicago Bears, and Dallas Cowboys. I feel bad for your Jerry Jones. I really do.

Hit the jump to see our observations…

5.) The First Round NFC Matchups Are Yawners

I’m not excited for any of these games. I hate Pete Carroll. I don’t care for the Redskins although the rookie quarterback matchup has a little intrigue. I have no interest in watching a game I just watched yesterday. Yawn, Yawn, Yawn….

4) The Colts Can Definitely Beat the Ravens

Seeing my squad isn’t in the playoffs I’m rooting for the Chuck and the Colts. This is a long shot. A real long shot. My gut says take the Ravens all day in this game. I’m really hoping my gut is wrong. I’m hoping the magic the Colts are playing with can continue a few more weekends. They can win, but they need a little help. The Ravens are a better team.


Your Thoughts?

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