With football’s regular season ending, there are a few hundred reasons why we aren’t excited about next Sundaywell, besides actual NFL playoffs.

Since every guy love to waste time managing a bunch of real guys on fake teams, were giving the reasons why we love our fantasy sports.

1. Picking An Awesome Name

The more tragic and devastating, the better. Plaxico Burress, Antonio Cromartie and Chad Ochocinco were all prime jumping off points for this past season.

Another great thing to use is a sexual name. Most sports are played with a ball, so use that to your advantage. But its probably best to use this platform to publicly embarrass your peers.

Did one of your friends have a bad hookup recently? Heres your opportunity to make your team name Jenny Licks Like A Dog or John Did The Manbeast. Now every time you play someone, they’re reminded of their drunken debauchery.


Your Thoughts?

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