As with most sport sites this time of year, all of us “experts” sit around and think about some of the things that might happen in the upcoming year.

2012 gave us some unexpected and memorable moments, so we figured to toss in our two-cents about what we think might happen in the world of sports as every guys’ favorite distracting hobby pushes into the new year.

Though we say these should be taken lightheartedly, no one can truly say they expected Notre Dame to go undefeated and to the national title game, so who the hell knows, maybe we won’t be too far off after all!?!

LeBron Will Be the Next Athlete Busted for PEDs

After the year he’s had, there’s no point in even arguing about who the most talented basketball player on the planet is.

Winning his first NBA titlewhile taking home the series MVPalong with leading the U.S. to a gold medal in the Olympics, Bron’s the biggest and baddest mother F’er on the hardwood.

He also happens to be 28-years-old, have the frame of a damn linebacker, with the speed of a 100-meter track champion, and looks like he’s well over 35. If that isn’t a recipe for suspicion he’s been poked with a needle, we don’t know what is!?!


Your Thoughts?

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