For those of you keeping score at home that’s Super Bowl 47. I know the Roman numerals get tricky after you get past ten. Anyway, the NFL Playoffs are about to kick off this weekend. While we’re not thrilled with the first round games, there is potential for an awesome Super Bowl.

This morning, the calm before the storm, we’re going to analyze five potential matchups for the Super Bowl we’d find the most intriguing. Let’s be clear about something; Unathletic has no vested interest in the Super Bowl seeing our squads aren’t in the playoffs.

Hit the jump to check out the Top 5 Matchups…..

5.) San Francisco 49ers vs. Baltimore Ravens

Trust me when I tell you I fought tooth and nail not to put this game on the list. I HATE the Harbaugh brothers. I hate them. They are the only guys in the world that confuse the idea of being competitive with being total a$$holes. Unfortunately, there was enough interest to warrant the Brother Bowl at number five. (As an aside, the actual football game would undoubtedly suck)


Your Thoughts?

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