In this era of up-to-the-second news and ever-changing sports decisions, it’s easy to get caught-up in all of the analysis and stats that many TV shows and internet sites provide each day.

And with the national championship between Alabama and Notre Dame on Monday night, along with the NFL Playoffs kicking-off this weekend, we’re sure you’ll have plenty of opportunities to find yourself geeked-up for the amount of football you’re about to watch.

Problem is, just because you’ve heard guys talk non-stop about the different match-ups in each game, while explaining why the underdogs have no chance to upset the favored team, doesn’t mean it always happens that way.

Blowout and upsets can happen. And though it’s great to get excited about different games, some of them just aren’t worth us planning an entire day around, and these are them.

The Super Bowl

Have a spare $3 million laying around, you can go ahead and get yourself a 30-second commercial.

If self-promotion’s not your cup of tea, go ahead and drop thousands of bucks on tickets to sit in the nosebleeds. Just remember your binoculars.

Super Bowl Sunday’s has long been the most anticipated sporting event of the year, but in the end, is it worth the two-week, nonstop coverage that it gets? Absolutely not.


Your Thoughts?

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