Colts coach Chuck Pagano was understandably disappointed in the outcome of Sundays playoff game against the Ravens, but he said after the game that he was not disappointed in his team. Quite the contrary. Paganos story is well known. He was diagnosed with leukemia just weeks into his first head coaching job and had to turn the team over to assistant coach Bruce Arians for most of the season. He battled his way into remission and returned to an emotional welcome as the Colts were wrapping up a successful wild card run.[Continue Reading Story]

We here are Unathletic were pulling for Chuck and the Colts. His strength was an inspiration. We’re very pleased the Colts were able to play so well this year. They are going to be just fine going forward with Andrew Luck. We wish Chuck good health and success going forward.

Washington Redskins rookie quarterback Robert Griffin III left Sunday’s NFC wild-card loss to the Seattle Seahawks in the fourth quarter after re-injuring his right knee. Griffin was attempting to pick up a botched shotgun snap when his right knee, which already had been fitted with a heavy brace, buckled underneath him, sending the star quarterback to the ground. [Continue Reading Story]

Mike Shanahan should be fired for leaving RG III in the game. The young man’s career has just begun and he’s out there playing clearly hurt. I get that he was ‘cleared’ (or not) by doctors, but I think Shanahan made a terrible mistake. The risk just wasn’t worth it.


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