If you’ve watched any NFL games this season, you’re probably aware of some of the funnier sports commercials that seemingly come on during each and every timeout or break in action.

But like anything that gets thrown in our faces, it’s easy to get a little sick of a good thingunless that thing happens to be Cheryl Cole.

Since we’re not seeing the Brit babe every commercial out there, we’re stuck with some of the biggest athletes around. Problem is, they all seem to play for the same teams, which made us think about some of the squads that just can’t get their players’ faces out there enough.

Green Bay Packers

It’s absolutely impossible to turn on the TV without seeing one of these guys on your screen.

You’ve got quarterback Aaron Rodgers in Pizza Hut and State Farm commercialswith a little cameo from defensive tackle B.J. Raji in a couple of them.

Greg Jennings has suddenly become the manliest man ever by being named the spokesperson for Old Spice.

And Clay Matthews III might be the best of the bunch, with his mug on some razors, Zaxby’s chicken and Fathead.

Who knows if they’ll win the Super Bowl this year, but one thing’s for sure, the Pack are the champs of advertising.


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