The Philadelphia Eagles are in the process of interviewing candidates for their open head coaching position. Amongst the candidates, Jay Gruden and Lovie Smith are headed to Philly this week to interview for the job. Here’s a friendly piece of advice; just say no thanks.

While I understand I’m putting Philadelphia on blast here, it’s hard not to dispute the points you are about to read. I think any individual who accepts this coaching position could put their career in serious jeopardy. I will say this; HUGE risk, HUGE reward. If by any chance the next head coach wins, he’ll be a hero forever in Philly. At present, this seems like an impossibility.

I still tend to think it’s the worst vacancy in the NFL. Here’s why……

5.) The Front Office is a Mess

There are some serious doubts about Howie Roseman the Eagles GM. I also believe that Jeffrey Lurie is a piss-poor owner. Andy Reid, in a way, was put in a tough situation. He did nothing to make it better, but it was pretty much situation set-up to fail. I really don’t believe that with Roseman and Lurie around a coach can succeed.


Your Thoughts?

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