We all have bad days, but for NFL coaches of non-playoff teams, the Monday following the last game of the season is always a tense, hold-your-breath and cross-your-fingers type of day.

Termed “Black Monday” for the death of so many head coaches, GM’s and assistantsnot literally, that’d just be brutal and Renaissance Times-type sh*tevery coach in the league is just hoping they don’t receive their pink slip as their New Year’s gift from the franchise that currently employs them.

With a number of rumors and head coaching gigs out there still available following the firings last week, we’re giving you the most attractive head jobs that are still available, and who that team would be best served to hireeven if that guy might find himself amongst thecasualtiesagain in a couple years.

1. Arizona Cardinals

Best Candidate: Todd Haley

While some may argue the Cards’ situation would be brutal to walk into seeing that their QB-situation is in flux, we disagree, thinking that though the NFC West isn’t the cakewalk it was a couple years ago, it’s still out there for the taking in the next couple years.

This team started 4-0 this past season before hitting the sh*ttereven beating the mighty Pats in New Englandso there’s clearly talent somewhere on the team, saving a new head coach from cleaning house.

We say bring back the offensive-minded Haley, who was the O-Coordinator when the team enjoyed its Super Bowl run in 2008, and has experience (though unsuccessful) as a head coach. Haley is familiar with some of the players, and would mesh well with some of the young talent they have in the Desert.


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