The second round of the NFL Playoffs feature some quarterbacks we love, some we hate, and some with some serious intrigue. I love Peyton and am pretty indifferent about all the other guys. Not a huge Rodgers fan, Brady doesn’t bother me like most people outside of New England, Flacco stinks, Ryan seems gentle, Schaub’s whatevs, Flacco sucks, and the rookies are fine.

Anyway, seeing your team (and mine) is not in the playoffs. Let’s celebrate the fictional quarterbacks that featured in movies we love so much. I know it’s pathetic, but fun…

Hit the jump to see the Best Fictional Quarterbacks….

10.) Paul ‘Wrecking’ Crewe

‘The Longest Yard’ from 1974 is wildly considered one of the better football movies in the history of football movies. Unfortunately, it’s a little before our generation so Crewe gets the shaft despite his grittiness and quality of the movie.


Your Thoughts?

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