As the NFL Playoffs have turned the page to the Conference Championship Games this upcoming weekend to help decide if the Super Bowl, we’re left with three of the four team’s that played in the game last yearNiners, Patriots and Ravens.

And though the 49ers aren’t starting the same QB as they did this time last year, instead going with Colin Kaepernick, one thing’s clear, the other two incumbent starters (Tom Brady and Joe Flacco) have proven their worth thanks to their team’s success.

With every team looking for the right signal-caller, we’re separating the guys who haven’t quite done a lot to earn the praise they do.

From Pro Bowl appearances to failing to take their team’s to the next level, here are the guys we think don’t quite stack up.

Peyton Manning – Broncos

Don’t blink and think it’s a typo, it’s not.

The four-time league MVP and Super Bowl-winning Manning has accomplished it all in his illustrious career, so why do we have him head our list? Because he fails to prove he’s a winner each year.

The reason everyone hates Tom Brady and the Pats is because he seems to always take them to the Super Bowl. Regardless of them winning or not, the fact they’re there is enough to piss people off.

Not with Manning though.

Sure, he’s lead his team’s to great regular season success and into two Super Bowls in his career, but with so many opportunities for so much more, unless he wins one or two more, we don’t think he would have reached his potential.


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