There’s a lot of talk going around about who should and shouldn’t make the NBA All-Star game that’s a month away.

But between on the debating and ballot-stuffing that’s sure to go on, we’re going to give it to you straightthese are the guys who belong in Houston.

Stats nerds can argue all they want about PER and “team impact,” but the all-star game’s nothing more than an exhibition between some of the most spoiled athletes in all of sports.

While it’s great to see the dude’s in the prime of their careers like LeBron and Durant, you’ll find that our rosters include more up-and-coming guys than the gray hairs that get in based off senior citizenship and respect.

Tim Duncan’s cool and all, but we don’t want to see him huffing and puffing to keep up in an attempt to score a combined 300 points.

Take a look at these ten guys and see how your team would match up.

West Starters

Center: Al Jefferson

If you watched any of the game (or highlights) of the Jazz beating the Heat the other night, you’ll know why Jefferson should get the nod over Dwight Howard or anyone else. He carried that team to a win, and the Jazz have surprised thus far this season, so why not reward him?

Forward: David Lee

Lee’s contributions have always been overlooked, but with him in the top-10 in scoring and rebounding in the Western Conference, we say put him amongst the starters for leading an exciting Warriors team.

Forward: Kevin Durant

The closest thing to LeBron in the Western Conference in terms of ability and popularity, Durantula has placed himself as one of the most dominant scorers we’ve seen in a long time.

Guard: Kobe Bryant

Bottom line is, Kobe lead all players in voting, and he’s either the best player in the world, or No. 2. He’s got a permanent spot as the starting shooting guard unless he’s injured our decides he wants out of the league.

Guard: Chris Paul

He’s the best point guard in the league and happens to play for one of the best teams in the leagueyep, the Clippers. There’s a couple guys who might push CP3 for minutes, but he hasn’t grown stale with fans just yet, so he easily starts.


Your Thoughts?

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