Last week, this video of the chubby kid pictured above throwing in a game-winning shot over his head hit the internet. It went viral, was featured on the front page of Yahoo, etc. So now you know where we stumbled upon the topic of this morning’s post.

Personally, if I was on this kid’s team I’d be pissed. Yeah, awesome he made the shot, but bro work for a good look with the clock running down. Don’t be that kid who thinks it’s cool not to give a sh$t and just throw it up there. You’re lucky you made it…

Back to business. Today, we’ll feature some awesome little kid bball videos. They’re pretty damn funny. Hit the jump to check it out..

5.) Jeremy Lin Jr.

My apologies if this little fella isn’t Asian, but he has a Linsanity feel to him. Nothing will be funnier than Pee-Wee Football kids, but this is a close second.

4.) Why Not?

Don’t you miss the days when you were just hanging with the bros doing cool stuff like this.. Amazing shot..

3.) How About This Little Bro

Crazy skills and swag. You can tell this kid has been married to a basketball since he came out of the womb.


Your Thoughts?

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