I’m flipping through the channels the other night after the NFL Playoffs and the end of the movie ‘Kingpin‘ is on. I mean you want to talk about the one of the dumbest, most creative, funniest movies you can see – we’re talking about ‘Kingpin‘. In that movie, Woody Harrelson does a terrific job playing Roy Munson, but it’s Bill Murray who steals the show as ‘Big’ Ern McCracken.

So that begs the question; what are some of the more funny sports characters in the history of cinema. I have to be honest, Big ‘Ern’ is up there. We’ll try our best to put together a list, but suggestions are welcome.

Hit the jump to see the five….

5.) Happy Gilmore – ‘Happy Gilmore’

Happy Gilmore became a cult-classic. Was it the run-up golf swing, the fight with Bob Barker, or “You suck, you jackass”. Just an awesome movie, and deservedly fits on this list.


Your Thoughts?

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