The 2012 Winter X Games in Aspen are well underway. Why ESPN is covering them is beside me, but what the heck. For those of you Shawn White fans; he’s over course expected to take dominate the snowboard halfpipe. How did he fair in the SlopeStyle final? You’ll see below..

That’s not what we’re here for this morning. We’re here to look at some of the tough breaks of the Winter X Games. For the record, I give these people a tons of credit. I would never ever try and do some of the things they do.

And here are the videos to explain why… Hit the jump…

Daniel Bodin’s Crash

I never understood the ‘Snowmobile Freestyle’. I feel like it was an event just added because they needed more events. They figured if dudes can do this with motor bikes, why can’t we do it with snowmobiles. Well, here’s one reason.

Caleb Moore’s Crash

See above… I will never participate in this activity.


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February 1st, 2013 at 9:46 am

[...] posted an article on Monday about some X Games crashes. One of those crashes was Caleb Moore’s. It’s not something for amusement, yet often [...]

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