If you’re like me you’re a transplant and don’t support the teams in the city you live in. It’s actually quite amusing because the city I live in is one of the cities on this list. I will not disclose which city I do live in because I want to preserve my well-being.

All kidding aside, I do feel bad for the people of the cities that are about to get blasted on this list. I realize your frustration. With that said, it’s hard to really put together a criteria for such a list. Does the city need to have all four sports, does the city have to have never won a championship etc. Can we even use states if there isn’t a four teams in the city? Blah blah blah…

Here we go with the list – my sincerest apologies if you’re on it…

5.) Atlanta, GA

Wild Card Game - St Louis Cardinals v Atlanta Braves

ESPN New York released an article earlier last year that said that Atlanta is the worst sports city in the country. I don’t necessarily disagree. The Falcons fans seem to be passionate, but their team can’t get over the hump. The other sports fans are lackluster -yes, even the Braves fans. The Braves are always competitive, but the Hawks and Thrashers stink.


Your Thoughts?

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