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The NHL’s officially back starting this weekend.

Though watching a bunch of grown man skate around on ice chasing a rubber puck might not be your thing, we’re giving you all the reasons you should be grateful the fastest game in the world is back.

Let’s face it, doing that snow dance isn’t making the white stuff fall any faster, so you might as well head to an arena and let the pros play in the cold… while we pay $8/beer and sit in the nosebleeds.

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Now that Lance Armstrong has finally admitted to shooting himself up with illegal PEDs, we wanted to take the time to tell him to F*ck off! For the past decade or so, Lance has accomplished more than people do in an entire lifetime thanks largely because of his constant denials and bold-faced lies.

With that off our chest, we wanted to take the time to talk about some of the other athletes out there who think that they’re bigger than other players, and in cases like Armstrong’s, the sport itself.

So take a look at these athletes and see for yourself why nothing they do should ever surprise us anymore, thanks to their adoration for themselves and selfishness towards others.

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There’s a lot of talk going around about who should and shouldn’t make the NBA All-Star game that’s a month away.

But between on the debating and ballot-stuffing that’s sure to go on, we’re going to give it to you straight—these are the guys who belong in Houston.

Stats nerds  can argue all they want about PER and “team impact,” but the all-star game’s nothing more than an exhibition between some of the most spoiled athletes in all of sports.

While it’s great to see the dude’s in the prime of their careers like LeBron and Durant, you’ll find that our rosters include more up-and-coming guys than the gray hairs that get in based off senior citizenship and respect.

Tim Duncan’s cool and all, but we don’t want to see him huffing and puffing to keep up in an attempt to score a combined 300 points.

Take a look at these ten guys and see how your team would match up.

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As the NFL Playoffs have turned the page to the Conference Championship Games this upcoming weekend to help decide if the Super Bowl, we’re left with three of the four team’s that played in the game last year—Niners, Patriots and Ravens.

And though the 49ers aren’t starting the same QB as they did this time last year, instead going with Colin Kaepernick, one thing’s clear, the other two incumbent starters (Tom Brady and Joe Flacco) have proven their worth thanks to their team’s success.

With every team looking for the right signal-caller, we’re separating the guys who haven’t quite done a lot to earn the praise they do.

From Pro Bowl appearances to failing to take their team’s to the next level, here are the guys we think don’t quite stack up.

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It’s been a week since the Alabama Crimson Tide blew out the Notre Dame (Un)Fighting Irish in the national title game, so for the past seven days, all anyone’s heard about is how dominant the Rammer Jammer has been over the course of Nick Saban’s tenure there.

And while it’s undeniable that T-Town’s the preemptive kings of college football, it doesn’t mean we have to suddenly open up and accept their fantasies obnoxiousness.

Between Bama and the Golden Domers, this year’s title game featured two of the most despised college fantasies around.

But what other college team’s fall under that category? Read up and let us sulk in the hate together.

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We were watching the Clippers play the Mavs last night, and during the game we happened to see something pretty cool—two buzzer beaters.

They were obviously at different times in the game, but with one last-second heave being rare enough, to see two was like a late Christmas gift.

Even though they were just at the end of the first and third quarters, it was obvious that fans in the arena and the commentators calling the game got pretty excited when they happened.

Since there’s nothing like some uncharacteristic plays to get you out of your seat, we thought up some of the other most exciting plays in sports, and tossed together this list of the ones that are the best.

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We all have bad days, but for NFL coaches of non-playoff teams, the Monday following the last game of the season is always a tense, hold-your-breath and cross-your-fingers type of day.

Termed “Black Monday” for the death of so many head coaches, GM’s and assistants—not literally, that’d just be brutal and Renaissance Times-type sh*t—every coach in the league is just hoping they don’t receive their pink slip as their New Year’s gift from the franchise that currently employs them.

With a number of rumors and head coaching gigs out there still available following the firings last week, we’re giving you the most attractive head jobs that are still available, and who that team would be best served to hire—even if that guy might find himself amongst the casualties again in a couple years.

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Sadly, yet another college football season has ended as Alabama steamrolled Notre Dame in the national title game last night, winning their second consecutive championship, and third in four years.

The Tide might be building a dynasty down in Tuscaloosa, but that doesn’t mean we can’t examine some of the team’s that might be able to knock them off their perch next season—however impossible that might seem.

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