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That’s the end of the Winter Olympics. Admittedly, I didn’t tune in as much as I would have liked to have, but I still caught a fair amount of the action. I apologize for pitching the hockey so much – it was exciting until the games really meant something.

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Indiana Pacers v Miami Heat - Game Two

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Awesome, awesome, awesome trade for the Pacers. Danny Granger is a shadow these days and Evan Turner is developing into an unsung hero in the NBA. I love this deal for the Pacers. Love it.

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What better way to close out the week then to really acknowledge how we will remember Yankees captain and future Hall of Famer Derek Jeter. We spent the whole week talking about Jeter after his retirement announcement last week and either earned some love from fans or alienated the haters.

Hate him or love him you hate to respect the guy. He’s one of the few players in today’s generation that did it right. You never heard a negative thing about him and I firmly believe he didn’t take steroids. A true rarity these days, the guy created a unique legacy unlike any other in baseball. For Yankees fans, it’s going to be awfully eerie next season when the team takes the field on Opening Day. Very weird.

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Los Angeles Lakers v Houston Rockets

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What did you expect? A warm-welcome. Howard was a huge flop in LA and basically has become one of the biggest enemies in the NBA. Can’t say I disagree with any of it.

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We’re winding up our Derek Jeter Tribute Week with a couple articles that really sum up the Yankee Captain and one of the greatest players that ever lived. Hate him or love him, you have to respect him.

Through the years Jeter has been remembered for several things – Diving into the stands, the flip, World Series home runs and more. Today, we’re going to put together a collection of photos that you’ve most certainly seen before if you’re a Jeter fan. The collection is a brief highlight reel of his career.

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Is it that time of year already? It’s amazing with all the technology and things we can see on the internet grown men are still looking at the SI Swimsuit edition. I will say this – SI knows they have to step their game up every year or they could be extinct – see photo shoot above.

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In 2010, Jeter had his worst season to that point in his career, hitting just .270/.340/.370 at the age of 36. That led to surprisingly contentious contract negotiations with the Yankees that winter, during which he was a free agent. Jeter eventually agreed to a three-year, $51 million contract and spent that spring working with hitting coach Kevin Long to rebuild his swing. Jeter never committed to Long’s new mechanics, however, and was even worse in early 2011, hitting .260/.324/.324 through June 12 when a calf strain put him on the disabled list. During his time on the shelf, however, he reunited with his first professional manager, Gary Denbo, and when he returned to the Bronx in early July he seemed to have turned back the clock several years. Jeter hit .331/.384/.447 over his 314 plate appearances in 2011 but the signature performance of his comeback was the game in which he collected his 3,000th hit. [Continue Reading]

[Click this link to watch Derek Jeter's 3,000th hit]

If you watched the Jeter 3K special you know the Captain was dying to do this at home. You also knew he would find a way to do it. Of course, a home run off David Price a guy he hasn’t had much success off of. Incredible moment.


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I must have said it a million times leading up to the Olympics. The one thing we are watching without a doubt is the hockey. It’s the greatest all-star game in all sports. Just flat out awesome.

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