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Click on the photo to see where the Seahawks Defense Ranks

I don’t like them, but I sure as sh$t respect them. The most amazing thing about the Seahawks was how they drafted to create this team. Most of these dudes are third, fourth, and fifth round picks. Once again – have to give credit where credit is due.

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Click the photo above to see the bracket up close and the matchups that took place.

We’re just a couple weeks away from this year’s version of the Super Bowl ads. I think this bracket pretty much has the history of Super Bowl ads on lockdown. Last year’s was pretty crappy if I must say – big bounce back year.


So I saw this on WithLeather yesterday and couldn’t help but post it – Matt McGann some cheesed$ck freshman at Oklahoma State gets a night with Lisa Ann the winner of Hottest MILF and Best MILF release at the 2014 AVN Awards. Well done young man.

Hit this link to see Matt’s Gameday Sign Again


There are plenty of reasons Johnny Manziel needed to leave college football behind him. Coming off an absolutely astounding Chick-Fil-A Bowl performance, Manziel’s stock will never be higher. He’s won the Heisman, dominated SEC defenses not once but twice. He’s ready and able. This decision was a no-brainer from the word “bro.” However, what happens once Johnny Football goes under center in the NFL? He’s an undersized, one-read quarterback. If ever there was a time that an undersized, one-read quarterback, coming from an unconventional type of offense could be successful in the NFL, it’s now (see: Drew Brees and Russell Wilson). That said, Brees struggled early in his career and Wilson has benefited immensely from the mad genius of Pete Carroll. [Continue Reading]

I’m really not sure what to make of Manziel. I do agree that he needed to get the heck out of dodge. This guy was a NCAA violation waiting to happen again. I’m not sure he can handle the limelight of the big leagues though. This is a dude that’s going to get himself into trouble with partying and he’s too much of a question mark on the field. In other words, I’m not buying.


What a wonderful thing sports can be sometimes. The definition of posterize according to Webster is print or display (a photograph or other image) using only a small number of different tones. Sports took some ho-hum word and made it awesome.

In basketball, there are two horrific fates for defenders: Getting one’s ankles broken or being posterized. Posterization is the most demasculinating thing that could occur in basketball.

With that said here are some awesome photos of guys getting posterized. Hit the jump to check them out…

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Last month, it was announced that LSU’s star quarterback, Zach Mettenberger, tore his ACL against Arkansas and would miss the remainder of the season. What do you do when you have a torn ACL and you’re on the sideline with a torn ACL. Pick your nose a bit? Eat it? I love how he was trying to be sneaky about it.

Thanks to CollegeSpun for the GIF



Instead of focusing on one sport we wanted to highlight a team from each of the major professional sports that we expect something magical from in 2014. It’s a tricky proposition because seasons are ending, starting and continuing as we move toward 2014. Nonetheless, we will take a stab at this one.

Today, we’re going to pick five teams we expect to have a great year in 2014. These teams might not win the championship, but they will do wonderful things and their fans will be pleasantly surprised.

Hit the jump to check them out…

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Tomorrow the REAL Bowl Games start. Don’t get me wrong there have been some pretty solid games to date, but the real match ups start tomorrow and we are looking forward to it. So what could be better than watching great games AND winning money. We’re hear to help you with that. Two wagers that are guaranteed winners. Enjoy the winning.

Nebraska vs. Georgia OVER 60 – Let’s look at bare stats: Nebraska averages 32.6 points per game and allows 253. That’s 54th in the nation for those of you keeping score at home. Georgia scores 38.2 points per game and allows 29.4. That’s 82nd in the nation. We’re talking two very good offenses and two crappy defenses. I like Nebraska’s running ability vs. Georgi’s porous defense. I expect this to be a fun, high-scoring affair. 60 should be easily attainable.

Central Florida +17 vs. Baylor - I’m just not ready to overlook UCF that easily. This is one of those games where Blake Bortles has an opportunity to show why draft experts rank him so highly. I like games like that. Baylor has the number one offense in the land, but UCF’s defense isn’t horrible – particularly their pass defense. There are a lot of unique aspects of this game that don’t necessarily apply stats like the first game. This is a consolation game for Baylor and the Super Bowl for UCF. I expect UCF’s effort to keep them within 17. It’s a perfect storm for UCF to cover.


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