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Things got chippy last night at a high school basketball game where Skylar Diggins, the former Notre Dame star now playing for the WNBA’s Tulsa Shock, was in attendance to have her jersey retired. One player punched another in the face and got ejected, all while Diggins sniped at her former team’s opponents and their fans from the bleachers. [DeadSpin]

I never liked Skylar Diggins and while this really had nothing to do with her I’m not surprised that it happened during her jersey retiring night. I can imagine she was not helping the situation in the stands. Hate that chick.


Chris Fowler was at Yankee Stadium Saturday to take in the Pinstripe Bowl, where a chicken sandwich nearly took his life. [Continue Reading]

Who would have thought it? Big ups to Palmer for not just being a dumb jock and saving Fowler’s life.



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I’m not voting for the Brent Musburger/Katherine Webb incident. It was funny at the time, but it’s gotten so much attention that it’s pretty stupid these days. Overall, I’d say some pretty lackluster choices. Hit the link above to cast your vote.

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After winning the Heisman Trophy, there are a lot of things the winner gets to do. Like schmooze with former recipients, go to a fancy gala, wear tuxedos, and be on late night television. Monday night, Jameis Winston was on the Late Show with David Letterman. There he got to meet Will Ferrell and do the Top 10 Unusual Things to Hear in the Huddle. Winston looked pretty comfortable and was clearly having fun with it. [Continue Reading]

From rapist to Letterman. Only in America.

Marshall Henderson has become must-see entertainment in college basketball for his jersey-tugging, taunting antics and off-court bad boy image. But in Ole Miss’s 72-63 victory over Middle-Tennessee on Saturday, the Ole Miss guard provided a highlight reel that didn’t feature a swear word or a chest pound. Henderson just might have scored the most bizarre shot of the season and it came off an initial pass believe it or not. He appeared to be looking for teammate Sebastian Saiz in the paint but his pass richocheted off two Middle Tennessee defenders and found its way into the bottom of the net. [Continue Reading]

Marshall Henderson back in the headlines, but this time not necessarily for being the ass that he is. Just wait.. it’s a long season.


Like any proud mom, AJ McCarron’s mom Dee Dee McCarron posted a bunch of pictures from her trip to the Heisman ceremony in New York City. Including this one with McCarron’s Heisman and SEC competition (though it was widely expected for Jameis Winston to take the trophy in a landslide): Johnny Manziel. [Continue Reading]

This A.J. McCarron situation doesn’t end well. I just know it. Someone like Johnny Manziel is going to get her pregnant or something. This is like the caucasian version of LeBron’s mom.


Before Johnny Manziel overwhelmed college football in November 2012, the idea that a first-year player could win the Heisman Trophy almost seemed taboo. But with Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston following Manziel on Saturday as the winner of college football’s most prestigious award, having a freshman quarterback take home the trophy can no longer be considered an anomaly. It might even be the new normal. [Continue Reading]

Of course we had to chime in on the Heisman Trophy which was awarded to Florida State freshman quarterback Jameis Winston on Saturday. The USA Today article above is essentially highlighting the past two years in which a freshman won the award. Seniors aren’t a dying breed when it comes to winning the award, but it’s ABSOLUTELY a trend that we’re going to see more of moving forward. Why? I have absolutely no idea except for the fact that these young 18-year old kids are more physically mature than they’ve ever been and ready to compete. With that said, it’s still pretty amazing. As for Jameis Winston, the odds of him staying out of trouble over the next two years are the same as the odds of me wanting to bang a Victoria’s Secret model. And that’s all the matters.

Amir Williams was solid for the Ohio State Buckeyes Wednesday night, putting up 12 points and 9 rebounds in 24 minutes in a 86-48 win over Bryant. Afterward, he was interviewed by the Big 10 Network. Williams was asked what has led to his progression over the past few games and his response … well, let’s just say it was a good save. [Continue Reading]

Nice safe indeed. Regardless, he’s still going to probably have a sit down in the coach’s office. Pretty funny nonetheless.


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