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I don’t blame City for thinking big they certainly have the squad to get it done. With the Capital One Cup in hand, there are three left.. what do you think about City’s chances to grab the elusive quadruple.

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According to DeadSpin, NHL linesman Andy McElman took a punch to the face while trying to break up a scuffle in tonight’s game between the Avalanche and Blackhawks. The altercation started when Chicago’s Michal Rozsival cross-checked Colorado’s Maxime Talbot in the back after the whistle. The two grabbed each other and started shoving, and while McElman came in to intervene, Rozsival tried to shake off Talbot and instead hit McElman, knocking the linesman down.

That’s going to cost Mr. Talbot a pretty penny. Reffing hockey is no joke.


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Billy D looks like the front runner for this one, but how can you deny Greg Marshall of Wichita State or Tony Bennett of Virginia. All three guys are viable candidates I’d be a little irked if it was Donovan. Give it to Bennett or Marshall.

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What a way to start your season Mr. Justin Verlander – get back together with Kate Upton. Dude, honestly, just keep her. She’s a winner and you’re only going to go downhill from here. Now all he needs is a Cy Young and that’s a nice little season eh?

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The snow fell hard, slowing passes and quickening heart rates of those charged with shoveling it off the ice during stoppages. The wind swirled off Lake Michigan. The Chicago skyline stood illuminated outside Soldier Field. These outdoor hockey games are spectacles, recalling youthful memories of pond hockey and creating a party atmosphere for the sellout crowd of 62,921. And Chicago on the first day of March didn’t disappoint. [Continue Reading]

The Blackhawks did romp the Pens, but that’s not really the point. I’m really digging these outdoor games. They’re pretty sweet. I really just hope the NHL doesn’t go bonkers and schedule them all the time. If they keep them to a point where there is still a sense of novelty they’ll be wildly successful.


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There aren’t a lot of people that are looking at Wichita State as a serious contender to win the NCAA Tournament. I may be one of them. They are a terrific basketball team, but I don’t know if they can make a run deep into the tournament. Don’t get me wrong, I hope they do, but it sucks that 30-0 is overlooked so easily. It’s an incredible feat regardless of the league you play in.

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The NFL Combine was largely the Jadaveon Clowney and Johnny Manziel show. Let’s not forget the hundreds of other players who are going to have an impact on NFL rosters next season. These guys did well for themselves.

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That’s the end of the Winter Olympics. Admittedly, I didn’t tune in as much as I would have liked to have, but I still caught a fair amount of the action. I apologize for pitching the hockey so much – it was exciting until the games really meant something.

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