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SI is putting together a pretty awesome collection of photos from each day at the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics. So far they get an A+ for their work. Check out the gallery and enjoy the Olympics.

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Is it too early to start thinking about March Madness? Absolutely not. Admittedly, I just started getting into college hoops now and it’s pretty damn awesome. Let’s hope the Shockers can Shock the world.. umm…

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You know you’ve been thinking it. What do we do now? Football is over. Baseball is still weeks away. Olympic Hockey is pretty damn tight. I’m not going to lie. Really – it’s college hoops time!

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On Tuesday morning, Stephen Whyno of The Canadian Press was given a tour of one of the rooms the Canadian men’s hockey team will be staying in. As you can see, it features three twin-sized (barely) beds that have roughly three feet of space separating them. Remember, there will be grown men — some of them very large — living in these rooms for almost a month. [Continue Reading]

At first, we were thinking this was a brilliant tactic by the Russians who will be trying to win the gold on their home soil. Then we continued reading the article and realized that the Russian accommodations weren’t much nicer. They only had two beds in their room.

Ice girls eh? Who would have thought that ice girls would be taking over the cheerleading world? Well, they’re not, but I’m really enjoying what I’m see from the various Ice Crews around the NHL. You have to hand it to these ladies – they can skate too.

Today, we’ll show you the 2013-2014 LA Kings Ice Crew Calendar shoot. I guess there’s something inherently wrong with Ice girls being shot on the beach, but we’re not complaining.


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If you’ve been to eastern Europe and Russia you know there are potential security issues even without the Olympics coming. Also, if you read the second part of the article you know there are a lot of stray dogs over there. It’s kind of sad:(

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Can’t argue one bit with the guys that got inducted into the NFL Hall of Fame this year. Special congratulations to Ray Guy – the first ever punter to make the Hall.

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Michael Jackson

Click on the photo to see the Last 21 Super Bowl Halftime Shows Ranked

I like Bruno Mars, but he’s not going to be dominating the Super Bowl Halftime show game. He’s a huge star, but he’s not an icon like Michael Jackson. I think he’ll do well. Looking forward to it.

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