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Someone has gotten their hands on three pairs of game-worn underwear from the Red Sox locker room:

We knew it was just a matter of time before the Dumpster divers at Fenway Park resurfaced with their usual stash of locker-room detritus.

This year, jockobilia peddler Phil Castinetti of SportsWorld in Saugus reports hes gotten his mitts on three pairs of Red Sox BVDs which he intends to throw up on eBay today.

We did great with what we had last year, Phil told the Track. We got between $200-$300 for A-Rods underwear, although we had some problems with Josh Beckett, and we had to take his off eBay.

It’s not what Castinetti’s doing that upsets me. It’s a tough world and we’ve all got to hustle a little bit to make an extra buck. Some people slang weed, others slang underwear. Whatever. What bothers me is that some sick bastard is undoubtedly going to buy this underwear. But what to do with it? It’s not suitable for framing, it’s not much of a conversation piece, and I don’t think there’s much of a market for resale. So whoever buys the underwear is obviously going to sniff it, right? I can’t think of any reason to own Hideki Okajima’s game-worn underwear aside from being a depraved bastard who wants to smother his face with it and inhale a musk of sweat, feces, and soy sauce.

[via The Boston Herald]


Are you sick of hearing about the Wildcat offense yet?

But the Dolphins, 31-27 winners over the Jets, were not ready to move on. They took umbrage to comments made by Jets linebacker Calvin Pace, who said he did not respect the Miami “wildcat” offense and called it “nonsense.”

The Dolphins were also incensed by some Jets, including linebacker Bart Scott, calling the wildcat a “gimmick” offense.

“They nonsensed their [butts] all the way up and down the field,” chatty Dolphins linebacker Channing Crowder said yesterday in South Florida. “Nonsense? I love nonsense. They say gimmick? Gimmick this, gimmick that. We’ve won games with the wildcat. They ran two fake punts. So if you’re going to say gimmicks, those are real gimmicks.

“Wildcat is an offensive formation, they run it for two years. They have thousands of plays on film about it. Go stop it. Shut up about all the junk-talking and whatever they’re talking about they ain’t going to give us no credit. We’ll see them in three more weeks [Nov. 1]. We’ve got to play them again, so the hell with them.”

So I guess it’s been confirmed. The Wildcat is the gay marriage of NFL offenses. Nobody wants to give it the same credibility as real NFL offenses, but if you have it in your playbook you won’t tell anyone.

All kidding aside, are the Jets and Fins really arguing over whether or not they run gimmick plays? What ever happened to the old “scoreboard” chant?


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